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“Enter the Town of Shadows, where noise is ‘the color of rain,’ and the self is a ‘hidden crowd.’ Indeed like shadows, the town's inhabitants are elusive—slipping in and out of mirrors, wandering down secret corridors of the mind, hiding in the spines of houses—and perpetually at risk of disappearing or being ‘deleted.’ Lindsay Stern's brilliant, urgent vignettes depict a people struggling to make sense of the limits of language and time. A dark and fascinating debut." 

—Hanna Andrews, author of Slope Move

“An ingenious braiding of fiction and philosophical inquiry, a creation myth so strange and so queerly told it seems to have been ‘fed through a prism.’ It is a surprisingly original work by a surprisingly young writer, although the only thing about the book that hints at her youth is its sheer audacity. Here is a captivating new voice, darting, mercurial, and wise.”

—Daniel Hall, author of Hermit with Landscape and Under Sleep

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